Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Stuff

so, here's what i've been working on this summer.

this first one is done with acrylics on illustration board. the inspiration came from a piece i did before with similar demons in the background. i dont really have a back story for the concept or anything, just that the umbrella is shielding the girl from the evils of the world i guess. for some reason my camera has been making pictures look greenish lately, so for both the pictues on here, they are not true. eventually i will scan them or borrow someone else's camera to make these look better, cause this thing just isn't doing them justice.

this next one i was inspired to do when i went into a comic book store at the moorestown mall. as i was looking at all of them i realized, hey i could make a comic book if i wanted! then i had to figure out what it would be about, and since i'm already writing a book with an interesting storyline i thought why not make one on that. so if i ever actually get the patience to sit down and work on a comic book, this image when its finished would be my cover. right now i've started on the main character, Autumn Blue. she ventures off into the woods and finds herself in a world thats like a screwed up Alice in Wonderland, with wolf beasts, demons, psychopaths, and witches.
this is also acrylics on illustration board, but i used a different method which i really like. i did i full value pencil sketch and applied transparent layers of acrylic over top. i like the results so far, and its pretty fast to do.

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