Monday, April 5, 2010

Next Assignment Up

a bookcover for the young adult novel Wintergirls, about a girl who is suffering from anorexia along with being haunted by the death of her best friend from the same disorder. these are two of my sketches with color. i also did purple coloring for both....but i like the blue better. personally my favorite is the top one, but i think i'd like it with the bottom one's face and blue color. we'll see what mark tocchet says.

stuff from this school year...a needed update

done this semester for tim o'brien. he cleverly titled it "maybe he's gay". this was my first individual assignment for him.
this one was my final piece for last semester, mark tocchet's class. we had to pick a quote from a list, evaluate it, and figure out a creative way to depict it. the quote i picked was "how did it get so late so soon?" and to me it is about how life passes by so quickly.
my first assignment last semester for mark tocchet's class. we had to make a picture of something that is important to us...and i'm guessing some people are wondering why an image of a dead guy is important to me. well, this is based off of a repetative dream i had which caused me not to be able to sleep for a while because every time i did i would get that dream.
this is my most recent painting for mark tocchet's class. the assignment was bookcovers for classic fiction novels. i chose ray bradbury's something wicked this way comes.

so i finally got scans of some of my work from this school year, and underneath them are descriptions of what they are...yay! all are done in acrylic paint on illustration board.