Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stressed out? Take a bath!

Lately I've been so stressed. So, I've gotten into the habit of treating myself to baths. Why didn't I do this sooner?! Its like I can feel my stress melt away with the hot water. Now when I take baths, I love to add things to the water, whether its a bath bomb, bath melt, essential oils, salts, or a combination. My favorite place to get bath products: Lush. Here I made a little list of my favorite relaxing bath. I'm sure I'll make some more of these little image lists...they're a good way to get a point across quick!

Oh My...I must get better at updating this

Geez, Louise its been a while! Been a busy, busy bee lately. Balancing artwork, my job, and a complicated relationship status takes its toll. But enough about that, here's the new art!

Working on a new personal piece, as well as a commissioned piece. The personal piece is an oil painting based on the concept of the balancing act we all play between following our heart and following our brain. I've gotten into adding art nouveau elements to my work, Mucha-esque framing mainly.  Here's a progress shot; its not far along for me yet to add a straight on shot.

The commissioned piece is a digital one. Started as a pencil drawing and then I digitally colored it. She's not done yet, still have to tweak some things, like the proportions of the egg. I think it should be bigger.