Saturday, November 28, 2009

the bloody tears she cries

i loved making the hair on her!!! this is my little tears of blood girl. this is just the first stage of her....this part took me im gonna say at the most 40 minutes. i did make adjustments, i just havent taken a picture of them yet. for example, there is a gold frame around her, though im going to redo it, and i changed the background to a green and burgundy pinstripe wallpaper.

some random people sketches

m. shadows from avenged sevenfold...yes, he did have a squinty eye in the picture i drew it from. lol

christian bale in terminator salvation

dan jacobs from atreyu

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rain Illustration

so i havent updated in a while, and here's something pretty much brand new. i had to do an illustration for class based on the topic of rain. this is done in acrylic on illustration board, and it is 11x14 in size. someday i will upload a better photo of it.