Sunday, August 2, 2009

My First Blog!!

so i am new to here's my first blog! i think for this one i am going to post an entry that i tried entering in the society of illustrators last semester at school, which unfortunately was denied. no worries though, always next year.
so a little bit about the piece:
this was done for a project my teacher gave the class simply entitled "phobias". each student had to pick a phobia from a list and provide an illustration for it. i came across dendrophobia, which is the fear of trees. funny right? so, i made it my mission for this project to make trees look like a legit fear, and i think i succeeded in that. the piece is done in the style of arthur rackham (if you don't know his work do yourself a favor and look him up right now. his stuff is amazing.), using watercolors and a sepia pen. hope you like it!

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