Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trying to Dig

Well, after work today was spent doing more research, applying to more things, trying to contact more galleries etc. An illustration of mine is going to be used as a book cover for Bizarre Books, so there's good news. Unfortunately two shows of mine got pushed back. The Reflections Show is now October 22nd, which I will write up more on that, and I'm not sure when exactly I will know about the Lucifer Philly solo show, hopefully within the next two weeks, so I will post about that when I find out. Also have two more weeks until I find out if I got the internship at Penguin Books....fingers crossed. Agh, and my book cover job from NY got pushed back until November...hopefully I'm still getting it. So it's really a lot of waiting. My plan is on Saturday to go around to some Philly galleries I looked up and hand out my promos like crazy. I just a getting so tired of waiting around in Limbo.

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