Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am now the intern for Girl Approved. I went on an interview with the lady behind the company, Heidi, and she really liked my work. I will be interning with her for two months. I'm pretty excited :)

Also on the topic of news, here's what I've been working on lately:

-The illustration for Morpheus Tales. Almost done, just have to do more tedious detail work.

-Designs on shoes for a girl starting her own shoe company. All the shoes she gets made will be custom painted, and hopefully if she likes the job I do on these trial pairs, she will come back to me for the real deal.
-And, just started tonight, a painting of Claudia from Interview With A Vampire. I love that book (and movie), and I love the concept of her being young forever, like the porcelain dolls Louise gives her. I just did a quick under-painting, which I never do, and hoping to get more into it tomorrow. Here's a picture of the under-painting, done in oil paint thinned out with liquin.

And yes, she is done on the back of an illustration board. I'm recycling :)

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